Honduras Las Nubes

Honduras Las Nubes


12 oz

Bright and Sweet with Flavors of Complex Mixed berry and Passion Fruit.

Alexi Moreno

El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1670m)

Traditionally washed Red Pacas and Catimor

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This is our first relationship coffee and holds a special place in our heart and story.  Benjamin Paz of nearby Beneficio San Vicente discovered this coffee for Saint Frank in 2012 because we were determined to connect with new coffees and take part in the process of developing specialty quality and relationships.  The original coffee, Las Nieves ("snow"), was a combination of two brothers, Milton and Alexi.   A few months later this newly separated coffee would become a Good Food Awards finalist.

This is now the third season that each brother boasts his own coffee and Las Nubes (“clouds”) is the lot grown by the younger Alexi.  Up in the clouds at the highest point of the ridge, the Pacas and Catimor mature slowly in colder conditions for an incredibly complex coffee with remarkable depth. This year’s coffee is de-pulped with their hand-cranked mill, fermented in a cement tank, and dried on covered beds built with the help of Saint Frank.  Still a very newly discovered coffee, Las Nubes, is one of most celebrated coffees hailing from the most recognized mountain and mill in Honduras.