Little Brother Espresso

Little Brother Espresso


12 oz

Bright Red Stone Fruit Flavors are buffered by Dense Molasses and Dry Cocoa

50% Siete Estrellas: fully washed Caturra and Typica from Francisco Hilari

50% Honduras Mariposa: fully washed Catuai from David Lopez

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Little Brother is our reference to the company of Saint Francis as well as an expression of our vision in sourcing and sharing coffees. Francis proudly and affectionately referred to his group of friends as the “little brothers”. Little Brother Espresso is our attempt to give you something unassuming and humble yet inherently special and significant, sweet and approachable yet still compelling. We comprise the Little Brother with coffees from small farmers, the hardworking backbone of the entire coffee enterprise. We seek out the incredible potential of undervalued or undiscovered coffees working to create a connection from seed to cup.

The current Little Brother is our Spring Blend of relationship coffees from East Africa and Bolivia with Dukorere Ikawa in Burundi and a new classic in Eulogio Luque's Cima del Jaguar.

Using an 20 g VST basket, we use 19g of ground coffee yielding 40-42g of espresso in 29-31 seconds.  For milk drinks we up shorten the yield to 38-40g with 199F at the group.