Bolivia Finca Cedrales

Sweet Chocolate Orange Candy with notes of Pear and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Bernardino Aliaga Toque
Amor de Dios (1650m)
Fully washed Typica and Catuai

Bernardino Aliaga has been growing coffee for 9 years in the Amor de Dios Colonia of Bolivia along with his wife Francisca Mamani Machaca and his children Ruben, Javier, and Vilma.  Bernardino refers to his farm as “el paraiso del cafe” and it truly is a coffee paradise; Kevin even commented in his notebook upon visiting, “this farm is BLESSED for coffee!” Even with young trees and being a new farmer Bernardino won awards for his coffee in his first year of production.  The farm enjoys ample altitude with a rich biodiversity of microorganisms ideal for organic coffee production.

Bernardino has actually worked with coffee for 15 years before growing his own and he previously sold all of his coffee through the Proagro Cooperative, but is now separating specialty lots.  Cafe Cedrales comprises mostly red and yellow Catuai as well as some Typica on 8 of 11 hectares in which he practices rotating renovations among sections. The Harvest is long and lasts from July through November with pickings every 40 days.  Slow maturations with rich nutrients provide dense and complex acidity with full sweetness, an excellent presentation of Bolivian coffee.


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