Burundi Ninga Hill
Burundi Ninga Hill Burundi Ninga Hill

Floral aromas lead to bright raspberry and hibiscus flavors with a hint of lemon peel expressed in a surprisingly round texture

Ninga Hill and the Long Miles Coffee Project
Muramuya, Kayanza (1800m)
Fully washed Bourbon


Ninga Hill is a beautiful but remote community far beyond the reach of electricity that works with the original washing station of the Long Miles Coffee Project called Bukeye.  LMCP, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, has an energetic and youthful team pursuing quality in coffee and community with Ninga as well as all the communities with which they work. 

Ninga sits around 1800 meters and is located six kilometers away from the Washing Station.  Farmers pick ripe Bourbon and Jackson Bourbon cherries to be delivered to the Bukeye station where it is carefully sorted and processed.  Most of the coffee is fully washed while some lots go to honey and natural processing.  In each case they employ extensive sorting and washed coffees receive post-fermentation rinsing for an exceptionally bright and clean cup that is floral and fruited with raspberry flavors with a creamy body and a sweet herbaceous finish.