Burundi Nkonge Hill Natural
Burundi Nkonge Hill Natural Burundi Nkonge Hill Natural

Sweet and Structured with Syrupy flavors of Boysenberry and Cherry Cola

Nkonge Hill and the Long Miles Coffee Project
Kayanza (2100m)
Natural "Dry" Processed Bourbon


The families of Nkonge Hill have joined the second Long Miles Coffee Project washing station called Heza.  With incredible views across the beautiful rolling green hills of Kayanza coffee is dried on a dramatically steep and striking bowl feature on the mountainside making Heza a truly "beautiful place," the Kirundi translation of Heza. We are certainly impressed with this reprisal effort by Ben and Kristy Carlson at the Long Miles Coffee Project, in its first year of full production Heza managed to produce two of the top ten Cup of Excellence Winners. 

Saint Frank is honored to connect with Heza and the farmers of Nkonge Hill who grow coffee at an astounding 2,100 meters where the air is cold and cherries ripen late and slow amidst constant rains up in the clouds. the soil is rich and well watered from mountain springs and frequent rains which when coupled with such high altitude results in complex florals and sweet berry-like syrupy flavors and texture in the cup. 

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