Colombia Finca Quinua
Colombia Finca Quinua Colombia Finca Quinua

Ruby Red Grapefruit and Tart Raspberry with a Round Caramel Finish

Luis Cundar
Ancuya, Nariño (2000m)
Fully washed Castillo and Caturra

Luis is an incredibly sincere and dedicated producer in the Ancuya community of Nariño which is situated northwest of the great volcano Vulcán Galeras.  His 1.5 hectare farm is a steep 1 hour hike up to 2000m above the old family mountain house that is 150 years old.  

Luis is constantly experimenting within his means and developing his farm while collaborating with his brother for processing facilities.  Coffees are given an extended fermentation to soften the herbacious qualities of his Castillo and at cooler temperatures the acidity of the coffee really shines.  Luis is incredibly proud to see his coffee sold and expressed through Saint Frank and we couldn't be more honored.  Saint Frank is deeply committed to Luis and believe in him, that belief is proven in the cup, we hope you enjoy !