Honduras Laguneta: Pacas
Honduras Laguneta: Pacas Honduras Laguneta: Pacas

Floral and Elegant Flavors of White Peach, Tropical Citrus and Figs

Benjamin Paz
La Leona, Santa Barbara (1550m)
Traditionally Washed Pacas

In some sense you could say that there would be no Saint Frank without Benjamin Paz. The seed for the relationship model of Saint Frank was planted through experiences with Benjamin and his family at the base of the Santa Barbara mountain, one of the world's premier coffee growing regions. After years of supporting and representing these great producers and terroirs, Santa Barbara’s global ambassador has his own story to tell through his own coffee, La Laguneta. Named in honor of the original farm of Benjamin’s father, Fidel Paz, La Laguneta begins a new expression of this family’s great coffee legacy.  

La Laguneta is located in the area known as La Leona which is situated a bit further south on the mountain from the original communities on the lake facing slopes but neighbors a former Cup of Excellence First Place Winner.  The farm is managed by the trusted and hard-working Don Elias, as Benjamin calls him, living on the farm and caring for the trees and land. Many varieties are grown over several parcels at his farm which are separated into individual lots including Parainema, Caturra, Pacas, and Catuai.