Decaf Colombia Yacuanquer
Decaf Colombia Yacuanquer Decaf Colombia Yacuanquer

Round with White Grape and Banana

Grown by Café Occidente Nariño Cooperative
Yacuanquer, Nariño
Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

This decaffeinated blend comes from the rich volcanic soils of the municipality of Yacuanquer. The name Yacuanquer comes from the indigenous Quechua language and loosely translates to "land of idols and tombs ̈. Located in the department of Nariño, deep within in the central Andean mountain range, Yacuanquer is an overwhelmingly alpine region with a dramatic topography that creates a dynamic range of micro-climates. The coffee growers of this area farm on a relatively small scale compared with those in other parts of Colombia, averaging about four hectares per farm. This size of farm allows the producer to keep a closer eye on quality control and post-harvest processes.
Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia varieties are grown between 1800 and 2100 meters and are fully washed following traditional fermentation of 12 to 16 hours and dried on both patios and raised beds with parabolic covers. This particular lot was decaffeinated using the carbon dioxide method, arguably the most natural and best way to conserve the coffee’s flavor components. They are first soaked and then bathed in compressed carbon dioxide, which has the curious ability to, when compressed, take on a semi-liquid, semi-gaseous form. The caffeine—and only the caffeine—is then removed by charcoal filtration, resulting in a decaffeinated coffee bean that retains all of its aroma and flavors of sweet banana, grape and chocolate.