Las Nieves coffee bag surrounded by Dragonfruit, Tangerines, and Grapefruit
Las Nieves coffee bag surrounded by Dragonfruit, Tangerines, and Grapefruit Honduras Las Nieves
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Compelling clarity with elegant citrus and sweet plum flavors that finishes with a signature but subtle juniper and pine aromatic

Grown by Milton Castellon
El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1670m)
Fully Washed Pacas


The remarkable clarity and precision of Las Nieves in the cup translates directly from its meticulous cultivation and pristine beauty on the farm as both a model expression of Santa Barbara pacas as well as setting it apart.  This site is perched perfectly the steep slopes of the cold mountain for rich well drained soil and exposure. We have worked with this site-specific coffee for many years developing an intimate familiarity with the terroir and flavors of Las Nieves.  We taste each day picking from the season separate to select lots to split between our La Terraza offering and the most compelling and individual expressions of the site to be offered as the final Las Nieves.  

Milton Castellon and his brother Alexi were the very first producer relationships for Saint Frank when our friend and partner Benjamin Paz from Beneficio San Vicente discovered their potential in 2012 intuitively matching our young startups together. We all began our ventures into specialty coffee together at the same time and in many ways have grown up together as coffee professionals.  Las Nieves is a shining light and example for the typical small scale producers toward what is possible in coffee through deliberate and calculated investments in specialty coffee production and commitments through relational trading. Seeing both his farm and his family grow and develop together is one of the great joys for Saint Frank and inspires our work everywhere. This is relationship coffee at its best expression living and thriving for one another to create something beautiful together for you.  


We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 16 parts filtered water (1:16) Pour Over: 20g coffee med-fine | 320g water off boil | 3:00 min duration

Bona Vita Recipes:
4 Cups: 42g coffee (7 tbsp.) med-fine grind (15/40 Encore) | 4 cups water
6 Cups: 63g coffee (10 tbsp.) med-course grind (17/40 Encore) | 6 cups water
8 Cups: 85g coffee (14 tbsp.) med-course grind (18/40 Encore) | 8 cups water