Little Brother coffee bag surrounded by Honey, Fruit, and Chocolate
Little Brother coffee bag surrounded by Honey, Fruit, and Chocolate Little Brother Espresso
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An uncommon balance between bright and sweet stone fruits with lower toned flavors of rich milk chocolate, caramel, and honey

Little Brother always features relationship coffees that stand on their own as single origin offerings from small scale producers we know, so the overall quality, balance and consistency is rarely matched in an espresso blend. Even with such consistent coffees, we also roast each component separately to align their development and solubility for the most even extraction possible. Always a breeze to dial in as espresso and easy to brew using your favorite filter method. 

Little Brother is our reference to the company of Saint Francis as well as an expression of our vision in sourcing and sharing coffees. Francis affectionately called his group of friends as the “little brothers” never taking themselves too seriously while at the same time serving one another and the world with a familial connection. Little Brother Espresso is our attempt to give you something unassuming and humble yet inherently special and significant, sweet and approachable yet still compelling. We always comprise Little Brother with coffees from small family farmers, the true source of the coffee stream flowing throughout the world.

Bolivia Fortin


 Grown by Celso Mayta in the Copacabana and Fortín communities of Caranavi, Bolivia. Celso was one of our first farming partners going back to 2014 and his wife Carmen makes the tastiest rooster lunch you’ll have in Bolivia. Celso more recently focused his farms on the Catuai and Icatu varieties which create a wonderful balance of cup structure and flavor. Fruit flavors range from dense citrus to broad apple notes with both chocolates and caramels. We are extremely proud to continue our tradition with Celso year after year.

Bolivia Polen De Cafe


Grown by Porfilio Mamani at the base of the San Ignacio community in Caranavi, Bolivia. Porfilio’s farm and home act as the gateway to this wonderful community and he is fittingly the first to greet you on your way up there. Porfilio’s humble but engaging stature in San Ignacio is also reflected in the cup.  Sweet orchard fruits like golden apples and pears along with caramel and pastry flavors provide a gentle introduction to the flavors of Bolivian coffee as well as this blend. 

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