Jason's Championship Tasting Menu at Polk Street

Experience Jason's Championship Tasting Menu at Polk Street!

This menu is prepared with La Salsa Gesha, a coffee pushing the limits of flavor while celebrating its terroir. The three courses include:

  1. Espresso: chilled over frozen spheres
  2. Cappuccino: espresso with cryodesiccated, land freeze-distilled, lactose-free milk 
  3. Signature beverage: chilled espresso with clarified cold pressed orange juice, lemon oleo saccharum, clarified orgeat, pressurized with nitrogen
Each reservation will include a limited 10-oz bag of triple-anaerobic washed La Salsa Geisha ($60 value).

Seatings between 10am to 11am, Friday March 29
2340 Polk Street San Francisco CA 


After purchase, we will contact you for your seating time and additional information.