Sister Moon
Sister Moon Sister Moon

Milk Chocolate with Caramel and a Nutty Finish

Milton Castellon & David Lopez
Santa Barbara, Honduras (1400m) & Comayagua, Honduras (1600m)
Fully washed Lempira, Bourbon, Pacas, and Icatú

Sister Moon gleams with the soft and round flavors of chocolate, caramel, and nuts so well expressed from our relationship producers in Latin America.  This coffee is always crafted from pioneering regions and producers breaking into the specialty coffee world as we work together realizing their great potential. 

The flavors of Sister Moon are naturally developed by quality varieties in fitting terroirs and moderate altitudes for sweet classic coffee flavors of chocolates and caramels with moderate acidity for a cup that is sure to please everyone.  Always clean and smooth, Sister Moon is a great "house coffee" offering that showcases our ongoing collaborations with inspiring producers in Latin America according to the season's harvests and offerings.