Decaf Colombia Pioneers
Decaf Colombia Pioneers Decaf Colombia Pioneers

Round and Sweet like Maple Syrup and Nougat

Grown by Omar Collazos, Lisandro Cardenas, Oliver Berdugo, Efrain Gonzales, Victor Barrera, and Juan Carlos Torres
Pitalito, Acevedo, and Oporapa in Huila Department

Colombia, Caturra, Tabi, Bourbon

This is a blend of six coffees from the pioneering producers working with our sourcing partners at Azahar in the ascending region of Huila in Colombia.  The soaring altitudes and lush conditions of its green sloping hillsides create dynamic and sweet coffees that allow for excellent decaffeinated coffees. 

Impeccably clean and vibrant flavors are expressed through a traditional washed processing method with a slow fermentation of 20 to 30 hours and a drying period of up to 35 days due to the cold climate. The coffee was finally processed using our favorite decaffeinating method for sweetness and quality which utilizes a solvent of vinegar and a natural extract derived from the local natural sugar cane. 

The final cup is creamy and clean that evokes a nougat filled candy bar with roasted nuts and a touch of maple syrup.