Kenya Siret
Kenya Siret Kenya Siret Kenya Siret Kenya Siret
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Red Currant and Floral Aromas with Sweet Maraschino Cherry Flavors and Vibrant Cola with a Long Silky Texture

Small Producers from the Kimologit Farmers Cooperative Society
Kericho County, Rift Valley (Above 2200m)
Fully washed SL-34 & SL 28, K7 

The familiar intoxicating traits of Kenya are on full display while also being altogether new. Extreme altitudes lend intensity, acidity and structure, but warming breezes from Lake Victoria allow even ripening of concentrated fruit. Dark florals reminiscent of violet, lavender, and cocktail bitters set these coffees apart in Kenya when clothed in soft and full textures for a profile at once beguiling and approachable.

An exploratory journey took us away from familiar Nyeri into the western Rift Valley, known more for its tea production. Kericho County was once thought too cold to produce commercial coffee, but a history of unrest among the diverse tribal groups in the area has also kept specialty coffee pioneers away preferring the more convenient and accessible regions of Mount Kenya near Nariobi. We discovered humble driven producers ready to bring Kericho to the world market believing specialty coffee can provide a more meaningful and connected future than the diminishing returns of commercial tea. We are beyond thrilled to invite you on the journey of discovering and developing relationships and world class coffee in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 15.8 parts filtered water (1:15.8) Pour Over: 24g coffee med-fine | 380g water off boil | 3:00 min duration

Bona Vita Recipes:
4 Cups: 42g coffee (7 tbsp.) med-fine grind (15/40 Encore) | 4 cups water
6 Cups: 63g coffee (10 tbsp.) med-course grind (17/40 Encore) | 6 cups water
8 Cups: 85g coffee (14 tbsp.) med-course grind (18/40 Encore) | 8 cups water

*1 cup = 5oz