Little Sister
Little Sister Little Sister Little Sister

Bittersweet Chocolate and Clove with a Clean Finish

Milton Castellon, David Lopez, & Cachahines Family
Santa Barbara & Comoyagua, Honduras (1500m) & Antigua, Guatemala (1600m)
Fully washed Lempira, Pacas, Parainema and Bourbon

Little Sister brings together incredible coffees from small producers throughout the world combining the chocolate and nuttiness of Latin America and the fruit of East Africa as the collected work of empowered communities and individuals embracing their potential. We always craft this blend with our pioneer partners and seasonal offerings that showcase emerging regions and clean flavors with expertly crafted specialty coffees in places with little history or space in the market and conversation. 

Our darkest roast and most versatile blend, this coffee works works great as an old school ristretto style espresso and lovers of rich dark coffee that takes cream beautifully.  Always flavorful, concentrated and clean and never scorched or hollow.  This is a dark roast we serve with pride.  Enjoy!