Nepal Lamjung
Nepal Lamjung Nepal Lamjung

Chamomile, Orange, and Golden Apple with Nutty Toffee

Grown by Ganga, Purna, Asmita, and Hemraj Gurung
Lamjung District, Gandaki Pradesh, Himalaya
Typica and Caturra

Nepal is among the most beautiful and majestic places in the world: home to the great Himalayan Range and a wealth of ancient history. At the same time, landlocked Nepal also presents one of the great socioeconomic tragedies of the modern era, sometimes referred to as a “fifth world” or “pre-developing” country. However, growing on the foothills of these great mountains are the seeds of hope of an emerging specialty coffee origin.
In the Lamjung District, not far from the famous 8,000m Himalayan peak Manaslu, Nima consults for the “Coffee Practice Project,” sponsored by the Human Practice Foundation. Here, producers from the Gurung ethnic group are working steadily to improve their quality and production methods. This washed coffee from Ganga, Purna, Asmita and Hemraj exhibits floral and herbal characteristics like chamomile and dandelion while orange acidity leads bruised apple, toasted grain and nutty toffee sweetness.