Colombia La Florida: El Salto

Intense and Flavors of Red Berries and Stone fruits with a Rich Finish

Harold Obando
Tunja Grande, La Florida, Nariño (1900m)
Washed Castillo

Harold Obando grows Castillo on his 1.5 Hectare farm in the Tunja Grande community of La Florida. His El Salto microlot is an excellent expression of La Florida terroir in Nariño full of red high toned berry flavors yet still rich and balanced. We selected Harold's coffee blind from a selection of La Florida lots for its quality and upon visiting his farm and meeting him there is no doubt to the provenance of such a special coffee.

El Salto is his higher lot above Bellavista but both are taken together as the choice selection of his harvest. The trees are beautiful and healthy under shade of Guamo and Banana adding Nitrogen and moisture to the soil along with a thoughtfully managed compost recipe for organic fertilization. His processing is highly organized and meticulous yielding complete, balanced, and clean coffee.

Harold offered us his coffee in the same cultural expression Colombians use to recommend or offer their daughters for marriage with the charge that this is something precious and worthy of protection and care. We are doing all we can to care for this coffee and on behalf of Harold and Saint Frank we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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