Honduras Las Nieblas

Sugar Plum Sweetness with an Aromatic Juniper Finish

Ubaldo Moreno
El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1640m)  
Pacas, Catimor, Bourbon, Cataui, Parainema

Las Nieblas joins our signature series of relationship coffees from our founding partnerships with the brothers of Las Nieves and Las Nubes in the El Cedral community of Santa Barbara Mountain.  Ubaldo Moreno originally sold the highest parcel of his mountain shoulder property to his sons while he continued farming the remainder of his land in the traditional method.  In a surprising reversal of expectations, it was the success of Milton and Alexi's efforts in producing remarkable specialty coffees that convinced their father Ubaldo to make the transition.  Naturally, Ubaldo wanted to work with Saint Frank and we couldn't be happier to keep these amazing coffees and relationships in the family.  As a family affair and shared terroir, we've named the coffee "Las Nieblas" meaning "fogs" similar to "Las Nieves" and "Las Nubes" meaning "snow" and "clouds" respectively communicating the cold conditions that contribute to such amazing coffees.

This specially situated ridge top creates a unique terroir that we've long observed as being special and Ubaldo's coffee makes an appropriate introduction to this terroir.  He grows a range of varieties including Bourbon, Pacas, Catuaí, and Catimor on the lower slope or skirt of the shoulder receiving all the fog but less of the wind on a steeper slope.  The coffee is processed the same methods as Nieves and Nubes and exhibits a characteristic juniper like aromatic structure while the flavor trades tropical qualities for a stonefruit and plum profile. 


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