Colombia La Florida: El Cafetal

Bright Flavors of Raspberries with a Tangerine Sweetness

Fernando Mena
La Florida, Narino (1900m)
Washed Castillo, Colombia

Our Colombia sourcing partners at Azahar have been working with promising small producers like Fernando Mena in the municipality of La Florida to develop an expression of the quality and potential found in the people and terroir of this Nariño community. His coffee bears the typical fruit profile of berries that we see from the region but like most of the La Florida region those berry flavors translate through a higher toned acidity

Typical of the area, the coffee is comprised of Colombia, and Castillo varieties grown between the soaring elevations at 1900 meters on a dramatic steep hillside as is often the case in Narino. High elevations and varietal selection produce short trees perfect for meticulous cultivation and selective picking. After picking Fernando Mena pulps his cherries and ferment the seeds 12 to 14 hours and dry the washed parchment on a patio for 8-12 days, a textbook drying period for expressive and lasting flavor.

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