Colombia Roleto y Remanso
Colombia Roleto y Remanso Colombia Roleto y Remanso

Tangerine and Stone fruit with a Round Sweet Finish

Julio Cesar Montenegro
Chachagui, Nariño (1600m)
Fully washed Castillo and Caturra


Julio Montenegro cultivates two thirds Caturra and one third Castillo varieties on his farm Finca Roleto y Remanso in the Chachagüí municipality of the Nariño Department in Southwest Colombia. We partner with our friends at Azahar in Colombia to source Julio's careful cultivation as an exceptional example of Nariño coffee, a well regarded origin for sweet and mild aromatic profiles. Individual communities and terroirs from Colombia are typically passed over in favor of representing collective regions but the coffees we have tasted from Chachagüí leave a lasting and distinctive impression.

The terroir of Roleto y Remanso is made of rich volcanic soil at a high 1600 meters enjoying mineral rich nutrients coupled with cool temperatures from the unique climate of high elevation with steep mountain slope chasms. Julio's picking procedures focus on ripe cherry and the particular avoidance of under ripe cherries that generate ferment flavors and aromas to ensure a clean and integrated acidity. The pulped coffee ferments for 24 hours before washing and a slow 15 day drying time on raised beds results in sweet, balanced, and harmonious flavors of berries along with typical round Nariño chocolate and caramel qualities and a clean crisp finish.