Honduras Los Hermanos

Mellow and Juicy Green Grape finishes with Snicker Bar Sweetness 

Anael Enamorado
El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1450m to 1600m)
Caturra, Bourbon, Catimor


We are thrilled to offer Anael’s coffee again this year after its debut in our Little Brother Espresso last year.  Anael manages his own coffee as well as his sister, Reyna, and his brother, Edwin.  A few years ago he received a grant from Technoserve for his family to have their own wet mill, but unfortunately, their coffee was severely damaged by coffee leaf rust.  While we expect a great harvest next season, Anael's coffee was the only crop from the family's mill to reach production this year.  Thanks to careful planning, the trees have fully recovered.

Anael’s quiet and humble perseverance is an honor to behold, and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring you his coffee.  This year the coffee is primarily Caturra and Bourbon and offers a tropical profile.  The coffee cherries receive a post fermentation soak and are dried on raised beds.


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