Honduras: Mariposa Espresso

Bright and pure stone fruit forward flavors with a sweetnesslike blood orange and honey.  

David Lopez
El Socorro de la Penita, Comoyagua (1600m)
Traditionally washed Catuaí


Mariposa exemplifies the values and vision for coffee at Saint Frank. In 2012 after learning about a remote village contributing coffee to a cooperative named Cultivadores del Reino, we discovered the potential for specialty coffee among these producers and found David Lopez. David processes all the cooperative members' coffee at his farm Finca Los Amigos. We purchased his first specialty export from a small section of Catuai that fills with butterflies or Mariposas. 

We are thrilled to see David and his farm thrive as a forerunner of great specialty coffees in this region of Honduras. His high quality Catuai coffee continues to develop as the trees recover from coffee leaf rust. Mariposa has a clean and complex flavor with stone fruit-like flavors with notes of almonds and sweet honey.