Little Brother greeting card on table
Little Brother greeting card Little Brother greeting card on table Front and back of Little Brother greeting card
After more than a year in the making we are blessed to reveal our new series of packaging created with friend and long-time collaborator Dana Tanamachi 

Our inspiration for the name was the self given title by the original band of Franciscans whose humility and simplicity was central to their compelling nature and eventual impact on the world.  This coffee is like a Dandelion.  No flashy processing or signature roasts, just everyday farmers and roasters offering their very best for a blend that is a weed and a glorious flower at the same time.  Here is a dependable and humble blend that just may be one of the most consistently delicious coffees the world has even seen

This Greeting Card features the beautiful illustration of Little Brother by Dana Tanamachi on the front and blank in the middle

5x7 Greeting Card Printed on 100% Recycled Matte White Paper 
Includes Envelope and Available in Single Card or 5 Packs