Friar Minor coffee bag surrounded by berries and chocolate
Friar Minor coffee bag surrounded by berries and chocolate Friar Minor Dark Roast
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Bold flavors of Dark Chocolate, Dried Orange Peel and Berries with a Spicy yet Balanced Dark Roast Finish

Friar Minor presents all of flavors we love in a bolder, more robust package retaining the concentrated structure that only well produced and crafted coffees can offer.  Most of the coffee in this blend is processed in the traditional washed method for a coveted clean and crisp finish.  But we also love to add a small proportion of natural and honey process coffees to push some lifted fruit through the deeper roast for a wonderful balance that is perfect for adding cream but sweet and clean enough to enjoy on its own.

This old school dark roast is crafted from new emerging pioneer producers and takes its name from the old school name for the followers of Francis of Assisi, the Order of Friars Minor who live fraternally and peacefully in solidarity with the natural world and the poor. In some ways this is the darker old school counterpart to Little Brother in the earlier stages of a journey toward holistic sustainability and expression. We prioritize early stage opportunities for Pioneer Partners to empower their potential through relationships toward a connection in the flow of everyday extraordinary coffee you can believe in.

Kenya Njowa 


Grown by small scale farmers near Thunguri. Kirinyaga produced by the Long Mile Coffee Project in partnership with the Akili group.  This is a classic Kenya coffee with flavors of black current and citrus with a full body.

Honduras David Lopez Icatu


Grown by our longtime friend David Lopez in the village of El Socorro de la Penita in Comayagua. The Icatu variety is one of many developments David has planted through our relationship. Icatu brings a caramel and milk chocolate quality over baked green apple.

Honduras Cabañas Natural 


Grown by the small producers of Cabañas, La Paz in the famed Marcala region known for larger producers.  Our friends at Beneficio San Vicente established this project to create opportunity for everyday producers in specialty. The mostly Catuai variety yields clean and sweet flavors of caramel apples and the natural process on raised beds lends a denser and more fruited expression.


Brewing Recommendations:

We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 15 parts filtered water (1:15)

Pour Over: 20g coffee med-fine | 300g water off boil | 3:00min duration

Bona Vita Recipes:
4 Cups: 44.5g coffee (7 tbsp.) med-course grind (15/40 Encore) | 4 cups water 
6 Cups: 66g coffee (10 tbsp.) med-course grind (17/40 Encore) | 6 cups water 
8 Cups: 89g coffee (14 tbsp.) med-course grind (18/40 Encore) | 8 cups water 

 *1 cup = 5oz