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Saint Frank Coffee on Polk Street, Russian Hill, San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most creatively independent cities in the world and its neighborhoods deserve coffee and spaces that fuel both its creativity and make meaningful connections amidst its independence.

Saint Frank Coffee is a proud homegrown San Francisco coffee company roasting and serving exceptional coffees sourced through meaningful relationships with small family producers around the world. 

Our light-filled and open-space coffee bars are considered the very best not only in the Bay Area but throughout the country by both media and esteemed industry peers alike and while we enjoy such praise, the enthusiasm and faithfulness of our neighborhoods and community is what drives us and gives us the most meaningful work and motivation at home and abroad.

"It's a standout even in a city flooded with exceptional brews" - Bon Appétit

Top Coffee in the SF Bay - San Francisco Chronicle

Top 20 Coffee Shops in America - USA Today



Saint Frank is thrilled to open a new coffee bar in the East Cut neighborhood of San Francisco with longtime collaborators David Baker Architects.  We look forward to establishing a new coffee narrative in a reimagined neighborhood where San Francisco once pioneered an earlier generation of coffee with the historic Folgers and Hills Brothers factories. 

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Rendering of the Saint Frank Cafe at MIRA SF from David Baker Architects