When we first opened our doors we were a rare case of a single coffee shop sourcing coffees directly and intentionally to grow with disconnected producers in collaboration for realizing specialty potential.  We believe that relationship coffee is one the most powerful ways to grow quality in coffee and in life for people and communities across the world from remote rural villages in Bolivia to coffee bars in San Francisco.

From our first days we have worked with producers who had never connected directly to the specialty market before Saint Frank.  While there are excellent recognized regions and producers growing coffee that are now easy to find and seek out, we are driven to find the undiscovered people and places that can grow wonderful and distinct coffees, not just for the joy of discovery but for the power of potential and the shared experience of change and growth.

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Our hope is that wherever we work those places and people might become new recognized places and coffees that are deemed worth seeking out.  These goals for our coffees serve a greater mission of redemption in the world of coffee where producing communities are empowered through quality and relationships free from the bonds of the conventional coffee market.