Brother Sun coffee bag surrounded by Oranges, Apricots, and Lime
Brother Sun coffee bag surrounded by Oranges, Apricots, and Lime Brother Sun Medium Roast
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Soft and Gentle Opening to Vibrant Citrus and Deep Red Berries with a Smooth Medium Roast Finish

Brother Sun shines with the sweet berry, stonefruit and citrus flavors of East Africa and Latin America as a lighter-bodied and mild coffee always crafted from pioneering regions and producers breaking into the specialty coffee world as we work together realizing their great potential.

The flavors of Brother Sun are naturally developed in moderate to high altitude terroir that when married with selected varieties and expert meticulous processing yield bright, sweet and clean flavors that are always presented smooth and easy to love.  Brother Sun is a great "breakfast blend" that can excel as a drip coffee and really shine as cold brew showcasing our ongoing collaborations with inspiring producers in according to the season's harvests and offerings. 


Honduras La Bomba


Grown by our longtime friend David Lopez in the village of El Socorro de la Penita in Comayagua. La Bomba is one of the many plots of the Parainema variety David has planted through our relationship. The bright and intense flavors of strawberry and green apple are perfect for our Brother Sun.

Honduras Terraza


La Terraza is the combined lot of three adjacent family producers. Step brothers Milton Castellon and Alexi Moreno were the first producers Saint Frank partnered with in 2012 followed by Alexi’s father Ubaldo in 2015. Saint Frank is closer to these coffees and family of producers than perhaps any other relationship and we are proud to have brought their coffees to the specialty coffee market.

Honduras Honduras Santa Barbara Natural


Grown by a few of our friends across a handful of villages on Santa Barbara Mountain who are adventurously trying their hands at the sun dried natural process! All of these farmers are also producing more traditional washed lots the area is famous for so these naturals are fun projects that result in super intense fruit flavors.


 Brewing Recommendations:

We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 15 parts filtered water (1:15)
Pour Over: 20g coffee med-fine | 300g water off boil | 3:00min duration

Bona Vita Recipes:
4 Cups: 44.5g coffee (7 tbsp.) med-course grind (15/40 Encore) | 4 cups water 
6 Cups: 66g coffee (10 tbsp.) med-course grind (17/40 Encore) | 6 cups water 
8 Cups: 89g coffee (14 tbsp.) med-course grind (18/40 Encore) | 8 cups water 

 *1 cup = 5oz