Brother Sun
Brother Sun Brother Sun Brother Sun

Sweet Stonefruit and Citrus with Dark Chocolate

Cyimbili Coffee Estate & David Lopez
Lake Kivu, Rwanda (1500m-1600m) & Comoyagua, Honduras (1400m-1600m)
Mechanically Washed Bourbon, Washed Parainema

Brother Sun shines with the sweet berry, stonefruit and citrus flavors of East Africa and Colombia as a lighter-bodied and mild coffee always crafted from pioneering regions and producers breaking into the specialty coffee world as we work together realizing their great potential. 

The flavors of Brother Sun are naturally developed in moderate to high altitude terroir that when married with selected varieties and expert meticulous processing yield bright, sweet and clean flavors that are always presented smooth and easy to love.  Brother Sun is a great "breakfast blend" that can excel as a drip coffee and really shine as cold brew showcasing our ongoing collaborations with inspiring producers in according to the season's harvests and offerings.