Bag of Siete Estrellas Coffee
Bag of Siete Estrellas Coffee Bolivia Siete Estrellas
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Creamy Milk Chocolate and Almond with Subtle Yellow Peach

Carolina Villalobos
Siete Estrellas, Caranavi (1550m-1600m)
Fully washed Typica, Caturra, and Catuai


Siete Estrellas is a unique community of families representing the heritage of classic terroir in the coffee capital of Bolivia. Moderate high altitude and dense jungle shade covers traditional varieties presenting a dense and refined expression of classic coffee flavors loaded with confectionery notes of chocolates and burnt sugars with roasted nuts accentuated with sweet fruits and even mild floral qualities.

Siete Estrellas represents both the potential and challenges for Bolivian coffee where we have been proud to invest and partner since 2014. In the 1980’s the overpopulated indigenous altiplano region of Bolivia saw a mass migration to the tropical region of Caranavi when the government offered undeveloped land to settle new colonias. Siete Estrellas was founded by 7 poor but hopeful families who took up coffee in the mountains outside Caranavi. They enjoyed success in the early Cup of Excellence but sadly the initial wave of interest in Bolivian coffee waned as geo-political challenges stifled their early enthusiasm along with much of their hope. These stars have not gone dark however, and Saint Frank is working to let their light shine brighter than ever. 

We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 16 parts filtered water (1:16) Pour Over: 20g coffee med-fine | 320g water off boil | 3:00 min duration