Bolivia Siete Estrellas

Dark Cherries and Grapes lead a Juicy Start into a Sweet and Round Dark Chocolate Cup 

Francisco Hilari
Siete Estrellas (1550m)
Fully washed Typica and Caturra


Francisco and his partner Maria left the arid Altiplano of Bolivia along with several other families for the tropical mountains of Caranavi to settle in Colonia Siete Estrellas where they would plant and grow coffee.  Siete Estrellas means “Seven Stars” and is named for the original seven families who settled the community where eventually there would be 30 families of which 22 are producing coffee.  This is a remote community without electricity but not without courageous spirit and determination to work together for quality world class coffee. Their collaborative approach to pursue quality over quantity is an inspiration to us at Saint Frank and we are committed to working with Francisco and his neighbors to craft excellent Bolivian coffees.  

Francisco Hilari is one the standout producers among his neighbors where his Typica is grown organically under the shade of the forested 4 hectare farm at 1600m that at times appears more like foraging than agriculture.  In the cup, Francisco’s coffee has classic Bolivian sweetness and balance with a round creaminess and still a lively expression of dark red fruit.  


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