Guatemala Don Guayo
Guatemala Don Guayo Guatemala Don Guayo Guatemala Don Guayo

Bright and Clean with Notes of Orange and Milk Chocolate and a Bodied Caramel Finish.

Eddie Gomez
Ciudad Vieja, Antigua (1650m)
Traditionally washed Bourboncito

For years Luis Pedro Zelaya has collected the best bourbon lots from small producers near Antigua for a specialty coffee he calls “Hunapu”.  When we asked Luis Pedro to connect to an individual producer for the first time, we met Eddie Gomez. He carefully grows quality Antigua alongside his neighbors who lovingly and respectfully call him “Don Guayo”.   

This particular coffee is a smaller version of bourbon known as “Bourboncito” among producers.  Don Guayo delivers his cherries to the Bella Vista Mill where Luis Pedro handles the washing and careful drying.  

It’s an honor and joy to share this distinct coffee with you for a third season, and based on our time with Don Guayo, he’s pretty excited about his coffee being featured with us again.