Honduras La Terraza
Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza

Sweet Stonefruit and Clean Citrus with a Signature Juniper Finish

Grown by Ubaldo Moreno, Alexi Moreno, and Milton Castellon
El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1650m)
Fully Washed Pacas, Typica, Bourbon, Catuaí

La Terraza (“The Terrace”) is a blended lot that represents the shared terroir of our longest-lived producer relationships, with step brothers Milton Castellon and Alexi Moreno, and Alexi’s father Ubaldo Moreno in the El Cedral community of Santa Barbara, Hondouras. Milton’s Las Nieves, Alexi’s Las Nubes and Ubaldo’s Las Nieblas form the majority of a terrace-like feature on the far north end of town that faces East, overlooking Lake Yojoa. At 1670 meters, with full exposure to the wind and clouds that form over the lake, the fruit on these predominantly Pacas trees ripens late, developing dynamic sweetness and pronounced acidity with a firm structure in the cup.

We selected individual early pickings from each farm that represent the flavors of this beloved terroir on La Terraza to be the first release of these coffees for the season—like the first course in a series of exceptional coffees. We taste clean citrus acidity and stonefruit sweetness finished with a hint of the signature resinous aromas of pine and juniper.