Honduras La Terraza
Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza Honduras La Terraza
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Stone Fruit and Citrus Flavors with Brown Sugar Sweetness and a Refreshing Juniper Finish

Grown by Ubaldo Moreno, Alexi Moreno, and Milton Castellon
El Cedral, Santa Barbara (1650m)
Fully Washed Pacas, Typica, Bourbon, Catuaí


This coffee is the collection of various lots from the three farms that together form a geological terrace ‘terraza’ on the Santa Barbara mountain just outside of El Cedral. Two lots sit on the top of the terrace while the third skirts beneath them on steeper slopes planted with the flagship Pacas and other supporting varieties that offer a balanced representative expression of this unique site and the classic Santa Barbara mountain terroir.

La Terraza is the combined lot of three adjacent family producers. Step brothers Milton Castellon and Alexi Moreno were the first producers Saint Frank partnered with in 2012 followed by Alexi’s father Ubaldo in 2015. Saint Frank is closer to these coffees and family of producers than perhaps any other relationship and we are proud to have brought their coffees to the specialty coffee market. La Terraza represents the unique characteristics and potential of this site as well as the relationship and community formed between this family and Saint Frank.


We recommend 1 part ground coffee to 15.2 parts filtered water (1:15.2)
V60 Recipe: 24g coffee med-fine | 365g water off boil | 3:30min duration


Bona Vita Recipes:
4 Cups: 44g coffee (7 tbsp.) med-course grind (14/40 Encore) | 4 cups water 
6 Cups: 65g coffee (11 tbsp.) med-course grind (16/40 Encore) | 6 cups water 
8 Cups: 87g coffee (14 tbsp.) med-course grind (17/40 Encore) | 8 cups water 

*1 cup = 5oz